Generally Weird Links

I hope you enjoy these strange gems as much as I have. They are all things I have stumbled across (or was directed to) over the course of my online existence.

Don't go here, especially if you don't want to be disillusioned about the sanctity of the number 196. Yeah, that's right, good ol' 14 squared. If you want to have ANY respect for it, don't check out this link.

Crazy Particles From the Sky?
I think the label of the link says it all... To say any more wouldn't be able to do it justice.

Filming on location, in Jester dormitory
Some guy has a camera set up in his dorm room. Every 30 seconds it takes a picture and displays it on his web page. I don't know this guy, but I watch his actions occasionally. You too can be a voyeur. Get in on the action. As I write this, he is doing homework.

The Kevin Bacon Game
Enjoy the Kevin Bacon game? Heard of the Kevin Bacon game? Just follow this link to experience it online in all of its glory. Learn that Kevin Bacon has a Bacon number of zero, whereas "Tricky" Dick Nixon has a Bacon number of infinity.

Web Page of the Killer Tomatoes
This is a web page devoted to all Killer Tomato related things. As much as I'd like to, I can't think of anything sufficiently witty to write here, so I'll leave it at that. If you want something amusing, visit the web page.

Dead People Server
Have a pressing need to know if a celebrity is alive or dead? If so, this is the link for you.

Celebrity Dead Pool
If you enjoy betting on which celebrities will die in the next year, follow this link. If you find the very idea to be repulsive, follow this link but keep your eyes closed.

Cows Caught in the Web
Describing itself as "Everything about cows, and then some" one can tell how truly profound this web page is.

The Dumbass Page
I must admit that my first impression of this page was not favorable. But after a closer look I realized the true genius that was at work.

Mad Libs
Online Mad Libs. Someone had to think of it.

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything
Enough said.

The Useless Pages
The best source for links to bizarre, useless or otherwise unique web pages.

The Church of the SubGenius
The official homepage of the Church. If you're not familiar with their teachings, then let me point out that one of their many slogans is "Eternal salvation or triple your money back!"

Christians For the Cloning of Jesus
What could I possibly write here that would be funnier than the title of this page?

Jebus: Lord of the Lobsters
"Here you can find out what lobsters are doing in their quest to conquer the world."

The Space Teddy Page
"There are giant squid off the coast of Brazil that reach up aboard with their tentacles and pull passengers down to kill them. They've killed about 15-20 people or so as of early January 1998. Be on the lookout when you visit Brazil." This quote, fascinating by itself, cannot begin to describe the surreality of this site.

This Time It's Personal
A listing of original and unique personal homepages.

What's Inside Jeremy's Wallet
The answer? You must follow the link to find out.

Bert is Evil!
Remember Bert from Seasame Street? Well, apparently he is evil.

Clowns Are Evil Incarnate!
Like Bert, clowns have enemies.

Confessions of a WASH-ME Scribbler
This guy goes around writing "WASH ME" in the dirt on dirty cars. A noble pursit, to be sure.

The Ritterverse
Dedicated to John Ritter. The Internet couldn't be complete without a John Ritter site.

The Foosball Source
For all your foosball needs.

Online Police Scanners
Listen to the Police in several U.S. cities online using Real Audio.

All about René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur
Featuring, among other things, Jesus of the Week.

White Trash Online
Very informative. Includes the age of consent in all 50 states. This page is no longer up, as of 8/25/99, but the page that is in its place is still pretty damn funny.

Trojan Room Coffee Machine
A web page for the coffee machine in the Trojan Room at Cambridge University. So this is what their student fees pay for...

The Bureau of Missing Socks
I think the name really speaks for itself. When a man in a suit says that he works for "the Bureau," you will now know to what he is referring.

Great Cthulhu Speaks
Apparently dread Cthulhu no longer waits dreaming in drowned R'lyeh -- now he dispenses wisdom via the World Wide Web.

Church of the SubGenius
I am actually an ordained priest of this church. It only cost me $20 (if I remember correctly). To quote Homer Simpson, "Now THAT'S religion!" Some might wonder why I have two links to the Church on this page. Some might think that it is due to an oversight on my part, but they would be mistaken. It is just an indication of my truly great devotion to the Church. No, really. Quit laughing.

Kabalarian Philosophy
I don't know anything about the Kabalarian Philosophy, but this site does have a lot of info about names -- baby names, nicknames, etc.

Grammar Police
Do you think it is incorrect grammar to say "I saw their car" when referring to the car of a single person? If so, then read this page. Shakespeare and Jane Austen would like to disagree.

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches
This details a scientific experiment performed on Strawberry Pop-Tarts. The results are fascinating.

The Anagram Genius Server
This finds anagrams for any string that you input. For example, an anagram of my name (Mitchell Perry Harding) is "The merry phallic grind."

Jesus Christ, The Son of God
With the URL "", how can I not link to this page? No, it's not the home page of Christ, but it does helpfully tell you that "Joseph did not have sex with Mary until after Jesus was born."

Poingly Online
Do you miss calling a BBS and playing an online game? Sure, we all do. Then follow this link and play Poingly, the game of the future.

Masonic Ritual Available For Download
This group has it in for the Masons. And they also, as the name implies, allow you to download all sorts of interesting Masonic information. Just remember what this group advises: you should never fully trust former Masons.

Internet Crime Archive
More than you ever wanted to know about serial killers, Russian cannibals, etc.

Official Bubble Homepage
Run by the highly mysterious Professor Bubble, this web page has such features as the infamous "Bubble FAQ" and the highly controversial "Soap Bubble History."

My Favorite Doom Novel
I'd always laughed at the very idea of a novel (or MOVIE!) based on the computer game Doom. Sure, Doom was a fine game, but cheesecake is a fine dessert, and nobody wants to see a movie about cheesecake. So naturally when I saw someone mention that they had written a Doom novel, I had to read it -- what in hell could they have said that was at all interesting? I don't really want to say anything to spoil it, but let me assure you that this is one Doom novel (or rather, an excerpt from the first chapter of said novel) that you won't want to miss.

WWWF Grudge Match
That's right -- it's the World Wide Web Fights Grudge Match. Who will win when Captain Kangaroo faces off against Mister Rogers? Find out who won when Rainman fought Forrest Gump, MacGyver fought the A-Team, and Chewbacca fought Worf. More humor than a human being should have to deal with.

Berkeley Systems Kitchen Online
See what is happening in the kitchen of Berkeley Systems at this very instant.

Lemonade Stand
Remember that old computer game called Lemonade Stand? You set up shop and tried to sell lemonade, only to be daunted by awful weather and fickle customers? Remember no longer! It is now available to be played on the web, free of charge.

Dismember Me Elmo
The answer to the ubiquitous Tickle Me Elmo abomination.

Canadians for Global Warming
Those wacky Canadians.

People who make circles. Ok, fine, crop circles. Yes, a page made by people who create crop circles in England.

"Everything about cows, and then some."

The Home of the Lying Cow
Yeah, well, I don't want to try and describe this page. So if the thought of a lying cow (is it being dishonest? is it asleep?) appeals to you, then you can explore this page for yourself.

[Stop Kitty Porn Now!]

"The power to crush The Man."

Dictator or Sit-Com Character?
You pretend to be some random dictator or sit-com character, and the computer asks you questions trying to guess who you are. The most useful page on the Internet, bar none.

Stick Figure Death Theatre
Masterpiece Theatre, eat your heart out. (Have you ever noticed what a strange phrase "eat your heart out" is?)

Official Strange But True Web Site
No, it's not one of the myriad unofficial Strange But True web sites that plague us daily! It's the real thing, the genuine article, the real McCoy, as they say. It's just a source of strange facts, such as "Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lighting than women!"

Monty Python Online. Pretty good stuff.

Air Sickness Bag Home Page
A page devoted to barf bags. When I was a boy I always dreamed of such a place but never thought I would see my dream realized. Thank you, Air Sickness Virtual Museum.

What Dave Ate For Lunch
Find out what Dave ate for lunch since July 1, 1997. He ate a bacon omlette on October 10, 1997.

Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia Web Site
Aside from having an extremely long title, this web page also features information, exhibits, and more, all relating to Pez.
Another Pez page. The world cannot have too many Pez pages.

Centre for the Easily Amused
If you are easily amused, this place should be a blast for you. Even if not, it's still pretty good.

$95,093.35 Adventure
Junk mail can make you money, apparently.

Good Quotations by Famous People
Good quotes and lots of 'em.

Big Dave's Cow Page
Featuring, among other things, a wide variety of cow sounds.

Fix America Now
Did you know that the government doesn't consider you to be a person, but does consider the state of Utah to be? Shocking news can be found at this site that has all of the answers you have been so desperately seeking, never aware that you were seeking them!

Damn You, Ed McMahon!
A page for everyone who has ever wanted to damn Ed McMahon.

Fifteen Minutes of Shame
My wife just told me that she had a dream in which she was a member of a group (which is an algebraic structure in mathematics). That was pretty strange. This site is completely unrelated to that. This site is dedicated to common people that become infamous for unworthy reasons.

Among other conspiracy theory gems: "How is it that hundreds of HUGE, geometrically perfect shapes seem to be popping up in wheat fields overnight and yet the corporate controlled mass media seems to ignore this MIND BLOWING phenomenon.

Leo's Palindrome Collection
A collection of palindromes, presumably maintained by Leo.

Online Ouija Board
Did you know that Hasbro, Inc. owns the rights to the word "ouija"?

Brian's Phone
When was Brian last called? Find out here.

The League of the South. They "...strive to resurrect our grand Anglo-Celtic Southern heritage and to restore ordered, Christian liberty to the people of Dixie." This would be far more amusing if they weren't completely serious. When my brother and I moved to Texas in 1986 (I was 9, he was 7) we were told by two kids (who were brothers) down the street that although we were friends, they would kill us if there was another Civil War. Somehow I think they are now members of this group. Of course, as my brother loves to point out, a year later one of them shot the other in the eye with a BB gun. So perhaps they won't reproduce.

The Slightly Less Than Official Spork Homepage
With a title that long, there's not really much more to say, so I'll take this time to mention that I saw the movie "The Big Lebowski" this weekend (3/29/98) and liked it a lot.

Scary Squirrel World
Yep it's scary, squirrely, and it sure is a world.

The Dark Side of the Scooby Doo Gang
I bet you didn't even know they had a dark side, let alone nemeses!

[Naked Dancing Llama For President]

Pooh Goes Apeshit
And how!

Despite the name, this bizarre web site doesn't suck. Go figure.

God only knows, and maybe not even him/her/it...

Decapitate an Angel
Who hasn't wanted to decapitate an angel at some time in their life?

Crunchy Gods
I'm not quite sure about this one yet...but with a name like Crunchy Gods, how bad can it be?

Shakespeare's Spleen Usage!
Discover Shakespeare's many uses of the excellent word "spleen".

The Mars Face at Cydonia and the Tower of Babel
This page has it all.

The Game
This isn't really The Game. The Game was invented by myself, my brother, and Curtis Klager. Nevertheless I found this web page intriguing.

Name In Hieroglyphics
They claim to display your name in hieroglpyhics. I'm skeptical. I doubt that the letters of our alphabet have equivalents in hieroglyphics, a writing system that lacked an alphabet. But I'm linking to this site anyway.

Sleep Deprivation
The chronicle of one woman's odyssey of sleep deprivation. She made it for more than 100 hours. I want to try it.

Flightless Hummingbird
A surrealist periodical. Pure brilliance.

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