Worthwhile Strangers

There are a lot of homepages on the Internet, and let's face it -- most of them belong to strangers. What the hell can anyone be expected to do? Slog through hundreds of terrible homepages in order to find a single page with any redeeming value? Well, yes, probably. I suppose it's unavoidable. But as a measure of token resistance, I have compiled some links to the homepages of strangers with merit.

Presents For Holly Home Page (DOWN)
I don't know who Holly is, but her web page is fairly strange. Just the title of her web page is enough to convey that. I haven't fully explored it yet, but what I have seen is enough to qualify it as one of my weird links. (Note: Sadly this web page no longer exists. This is a great loss, as it was a gem in the rough.)

Eve Andersson's Homepage
As with Holly's homepage (listed above), I don't know who Eve is (other than what she reveals on her web page). But she seems to be an incredibly prolific and intelligent individual. Her web page is an experience that should not be passed up. (Note: The previous description was written in reference to her college web page. I have updated my link to her more current web page, but it does contain a link to her old page. Both pages are well-worth exploring.)

Isabelle Cattin's Home Page
I don't know Isabelle Cattin. Her web page is interesting reading. There's not a great deal here, but what is here is worth checking out.

Adam Harvey's Home Page (DOWN)
There are only two reasons why I linked to this page. First, his last name is Harvey. And as we all know, in Britain people use the word Harvey in the way that Americans use the word "Hello". Second, and more importantly, Adam Harvey has the distinction of being the only person known to me who actually liked the movie "The Crow II: City of Angels." The combination of these two factors mandated that I link to his page. So here's to you, Adam. (Note: Another page that is down. Adam, if you put up a new page and you read this -- give me a link to it!)

Mike's Polynesian Polyester Paradise
The indescribable (at least by me, at this point, due to laziness) home page of Mike Lynch, another individual that I do not know, but whose web page I have perused at length.

Can I Crawl Into Your Beating Heart... (DOWN)
Opinionated. Passionate. Intelligent. Unique. These adjectives (and many more, I have little doubt) begin to describe the creator of this site. You can easily spend hours here. You may not agree with all of her opinions, but that's not really the point. Visit this site, or perish in the attempt. (Note: Yet another page that has passed into the great beyond. Alas.)

An interesting site, published by a woman named Karawynn (surprise!). Click madly on the above link.

Official Home of James "Kibo" Parry
This guy seems to be some kind of secret genius or something. Read some of his stories!

Gossamer into Spiderweb
Be sure to check out her poetry -- good stuff. Also, don't miss the ferrets. Never before have I seen such superb ferret photography, and coming from me, that says a lot.

That "Not so Fresh" Feeling
As far as I can tell, this person is a close approximation to a female counterpart of myself. Which is scary, now that I give it some thought... There can be only one.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may... (Kinda down)
Homepage of Kate, who describes herself as an inconsequential tuba player. Need I taint such an adequate introduction with any further words of my own? (Note: The web page redirects you to another web page, which does not appear to belong to Kate.)

SickSadWorld (DOWN)
Like Katie, Faith has also earned Phil Ackley's recognition. Her page is mainly dedicated to her online journal, but unlike many online journals, it is updated regularly (and has been for quite some time) and has interesting content. All this for the low, low price of just $49.99, plus shipping and handling. (Note: Another one bites the dust)

Greg's Home Page
Okay, I'll come clean. The main reason I'm linking to this page is because the header of the main page is "Harfst". I like to pretend that it really says "Harf". Is that so wrong?

Rational Radiance (DOWN)
Jasmine is a kick-boxer, and she also has a web page. Who knew that one person could have so many different talents? It defies understanding. (Note: Where do they all go?)

Sam Sloan's Home Page
Sam Sloan is, um, eccentric. I guess. His web page is enormous. For anyone who thinks my page is big, I invite you to visit Sam's page. I couldn't create as much content in ten years. His page is fun to read, and I don't think I'll live long enough to explore it fully.

Trunkbutt's Page
With a name like Trunkbutt, can you afford not to visit? Plus, she's awesome times ten.

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