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These are web sites that I often browse during lunch at work. They are funny. If you know of a web site that you think I would enjoy, please let me know. Also, I'm not going to bother praising the humor of each web site listed here -- if they're on this list, they make me laugh.

Homestar Runner -- An online, Flash-based comic. Pure excellence. I particularly recommend Strong Bad's E-mail. I've also learned of a "spoiler" site for Homestar Runner. It isn't so much spoilers, though, as just an extensive list of hidden things to be found around the Homestar Runner pages.

The Onion -- A satirical newspaper.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks -- A variety of humorous stories/articles.

The Cheese Factory Of Fun And Love -- "This site is all about half ass ideas and spelling errors!" (from their main page)

Red Meat -- An extremely bizarre comic strip.

The Spark! -- Primarily known for their great quizzes, they also are home to such gems as The Stinky Feet Project.

Robot Frank's Life -- The website of Robot Frank. He has an online journal, some photos, and tales of his explots. -- A site better experienced than described.

Eric Conveys An Emotion -- Ok, so this isn't going to sound funny, but trust me. It's this guy Eric, and he has pictures of himself conveying different "emotions" (most are emotions, some are just descriptive phrases). He accepts requests. I particularly like Caught Your Girlfriend With Someone Else.

Play-A-Day -- A collection of short, brilliant plays. A couple favorites: The Toaster and Yuletide.

Penny-Arcade -- An online comic strip. Also computer/video game reviews, and stuff like that, which are funny themselves. But I pretty much just read the comic strip. Which, I should mention, will be a lot funnier to people who play, or used to play, computer or video games. Or maybe people who know or date or are married to such people.

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