Scene III.--A computer lab.

Mitch is typing at a terminal in a computer lab. The other terminals are occupied by various college students.

Mitch. Ah, my play. I had almost forgotten about it. Do you think it is bad form to refer to the play from within the play?
Stranger. [Leaning over and reading what Mitch is typing.] That's exactly how you began the last scene!
Mitch. [Continuing to type without looking at the Stranger.] True. But why are you watching me type? I hate it when people read over my shoulder.
Stranger. I see that you're writing this very scene of the play, as we speak. [Brief pause.] Have you thought of a title for the play yet?
Mitch. [Mildly annoyed but still typing.] No.
Stranger. And what about a name for me? Do you think I like being referred to as Stranger?
Mitch. Would you prefer Meursault?
Stranger. [Rolling eyes.] Very clever, Camus. You get all of the good lines. And why are you setting this scene in a computer lab, when you're actually writing it in your bedroom at 5:30am?
Mitch. Because if I set this in my room, then how the hell could I fit you into the scene?
Stranger. Why do you even want me in the scene? It's clear that I'm annoying you.
Mitch. No... Do you really think so?
Stranger. First of all, I don't need your sarcasm. Second, that's another line you've stolen from the previous scene.
Mitch. I'm flattered.
Stranger. Stop that!
Mitch. How in the world did you say all of that in unison? That's not possible...
Stranger Now that doesn't even make sense.

Enter Edmund.

Mitch. [Still typing, not looking away from the terminal.] Hey look, Edmund's here!
Stranger. [To Edmund.] Apparently you survived the last scene, although he is still calling you Edmund.
Edm. Dammit, call me Fenwick.
Mitch. Okay.
Fen. That's better.
Mitch. You're welcome.
Fen. Thank you.
Stranger. That's the entirely wrong order for that exchange to take place.
Mitch. I know. Anyharf, Stranger, the reason you are here is because the scene would be boring with just one person, even if that one person was me.
Stranger. Granted. Why Edmund, then?
Fen. Fenwick!
Stranger. [Sighing.] Why Fenwick?
Mitch. You didn't notice? I copied his entrance from the previous scene.
Stranger. Dammit. You can't keep plagiarizing yourself like this.
Mitch. Watch me.
Fen. Yeah, watch him.
Stranger. Hmmmm. Okay, you've had some funny moments in this scene -- now how are you going to end it?
Mitch. Like this.
[Mitch hits the power button on his terminal, turning it off. As he does, the curtains close.]
Narrator. Will I only get to speak at the end of scenes? When will Mitch next add to the play? Will Mitch ever add a scene without introducing new members to the cast? Why can I do nothing but ask questions?

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