by Mitchell Harding


A: Get me another drink. [C arrives.] Where is everyone?
B: Yeah, we've been waiting for hours.
C: I don't know. I just got off work.
B: Yeah, we know. Didn't you invite anyone?
C: Some people. Didn't you guys?
A: This is your party -- I wasn't told to invite people.
C: My party? Just because it was my idea, all of a sudden it's my party.
A: Whose party is it, then?
C: Nobody's.
B: Does anyone have any Pepto Bismol? Or a gun?
A: [Ignoring B.] So is anyone else going to show up? This is boring.
C: This is what we do every Saturday night. Tonight it's boring because we've labeled it a party?
B: My stomach is killing me. This sucks.
A: Don't blame me. Think of people to invite.
B: I already called people. Besides, it isn't my party.
C: This has gone past the failed party point. Now we're discussing whose fault it is.
A: It's your fault.
C: I should go home.
B: You live here.
C: Huh?
B: I can't remember what I said.
A: You didn't understand him, and he doesn't remember what he said. That pretty much sums up my life.
C: How do you mean?
A: I don't know. Get me another drink.

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