The Guy In The Hall Who Was Studying Something When I Got Here

by Mitchell Harding

Early Spring 1999

Guy: [makes noise of frustration]
Me: Tell me about it.
Guy: I hate Calculus. My teacher's an asshole.
Me: I've been there.
Guy: He assigns way too much homework, every week -- even on weeks with tests -- and he never tells us what'll be on the tests.
Me: Amen, brother.
Guy: The homework average is something like a 50, I got a 62 on the first test, and the prick doesn't curve!
Me: Preach the word!
Guy: We have discussion every week at 8am on Monday, and he always gives quizzes. So we never even get help in section!
Me: Hallelujah.
Guy: I hate him.
Me: Me too.
Guy: Who are you anyway?
Me: A concerned party.
Guy: Oh.
[He gets up and leaves]

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