Write Some Funny Dialog

by Mitchell Harding

Early Spring 1999

Chic Blonde Girl: Well, odometer's been out for a year...
Hopeful Guy: What?
Chic: The odometer's been out for a year.
Guy: Oh. That'll help you sell the car. I thought you said that Dahmer'd been out for a year.
Chic: He's dead.
Guy: I know. Imagine my surprise at hearing he was out.
Chic: He was killed in prison.
Guy: I know that.
Chic: So how could he've been out for a year?
Guy: Nevermind. Are you going to get the odometer fixed?
Chic: Should I?
Guy: Well, if the guy you sell it to knows it's broken, he'll know the mileage is off.
Chic: And?
Guy: Nothing. You're right. Don't fix it.
Chic: Do you want to sleep with me?
Guy: Yes.
Chic: Okay.
Guy: You will?
Chic: No.
Guy: Damn.
[The bus stops -- they get off]

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