Boy and Girl Studying

by Mitchell Harding


Boy: Why don't you sit up? I know it's tough, but you may as well try and study. It's only half an hour.
Girl: Because it isn't making any sense! I'm too tired.
Boy: Sit up anyway. Look at this page with me and we'll study together.
Girl: Okay...
Boy: So tell me the difference between deism and theism.
Girl: I don't remember. Let me sleep.
Boy: Deists believe that God --
Girl: I don't care right now. I'll look at the page, okay? Just keep studying.
Boy: Ok. [Studies silently for a short time.] Hey.
Girl: What?
Boy: I figured out what contradictory and contrary mean. Do you want me to explain it to you?
Girl: Okay.
Boy: Contradictory properties are mutually exclusive and -- do you know what mutually exclusive means?
Girl: No.
Boy: Okay. First I'll tell you the definition, then I'll explain mutually exclusive.
Girl: Okay.
Boy: Contradictory properties are mutually exclusive and contrary properties are not. For example, blue and non-blue are contradictory, whereas blue and red are contrary. Do you understand?
Girl: No.
Boy: Like, you could be wearing a blue shirt and red pants, so you're blue and red. But you can't be blue and non-blue, because you are blue. Get it?
Girl: Yeah.
Boy: I don't, but I'll figure it out.
Girl: You don't get it?
Boy: Not entirely. It's that...nevermind. Forget it. [Studies a little longer.] We should go. I'm starting to get a headache. Probably all this caffeine I drank.
Girl: Okay.
Boy: Let's go.

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