The Web: Temping

by Sterling Kincaid
written on 1/30/01

The best thing about temping in offices:

The way the real people treat you.

As long as they will not like me, I will always try to drink a case of the free soda a day at every temp job I get. While I won't always succeed, I will have at least pushed myself to excel and as long as they will be cursing my name as a temp, i want to make it sound like this, "those goddamn temps drank all of the soda and spilled a shitload of coffee grounds all over the break room" "I know, I hate goddamn temps" "Goddamn temps".

I thought I would share that with you and as I might get caught not working and get sent home I will sign off, for now.

I saw Wes Anderson last night. Is it just me or is he a little feminine?

O Dawhg

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