The Web: Summer Love

by Samantha
written on 11/15/97

"It turned colder
That's when it ends
So we decided
We'd just be friends....."
  Quote "Grease"
It started out
Just like any other summer
I had Mike and my old friends
From Junior High
Then OnStage started
And you walked back into
My life
You helped me out of
A mentally abusive realationship
Then asked me out
Practically begging
When you already had me
What followed up
Was the month of play rehearsals
Flirting, kissing back stage
The Wizard of Oz was the play
And you were the lion
Truely fiting the part
With your always caring disposition
In August, I left for three weeks
But you wrote me love letters
And poetry which I treasured
I came back to a happy reunion
Then school started
The wings of high school were over taking us
And you began to change
You joined football
Made a ton of new friends
I accepted them
But they didn't accept me
And I knew we were growing apart
I tried to reach out
Save it
But it was to far gone to save
The days were growing colder
In weather and in heart
And it was ironic
The fact that on September 20
The last offical day of summer
You walked out of my life
And stoppped loving me
So much for summer love

For "The Lion" who is Summer Love

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