The Web: Bilbringhi - Day Log 8/13/95

by Mitchell Harding

written 8/13/95

From: Bilbringhi
Day Log 8/13/95

Bilbringhi slowly walked the corridors of Nexus City, still exploring the metropolis that he only recently discovered. While none of the other inhabitents looked quite like him (in fact, Bilbringhi had seen no more than five other Mesmer since his arrival two weeks ago) Bilbringhi did not feel out of place. The entire city was a hodge-podge of different cultures, races, and people. There were mechanical men, savages, and creatures beyond description. This did not intimidate Bilbringhi -- he had seen quite a variety of creatures in the Zoo of Heinlein the Black before ever venturing to this new city. Bilbringhi was impressed by the panorama of exotic creatures he surveyed before him, but he was not intimidated by it.
His mind kept thinking back to the chance event that lead to his discovery of this strange world. He had been combatting a vicious storm that was plaguing a village near his own. At a moment where he was using a particularly tricky and potent bit of sorcery, the air nearby him suddenly began to crackle and seemingly tear. The spell he had been casting had quelled the storm, but had also opened an unexpected portal to parts unknown. Not being timid, Bilbringhi performed some magical tests to ensure that the other end of the portal was habitable and then stepped through it. What he encountered surprised him. A long, metallic grey tunnel extending as far as he could see in either direction. It was lined with doors, on both sides, including the large wooden door he had apparently just entered through. After a bit of minor exploration he found that after travelling down one direction, he encountered a city. A passing vendor handed him a device, and indicated that Bilbringhi should attach it to his robes. When he did, and the vendor began speaking, Bilbringhi was able to understand although he could tell the vendor was not speaking his own tongue. The vendor led him to a videotex kiosk, where Bilbringhi learned the nature of Strange World. He was surprised to learn that Heinlein the Black, and a few other inhabitents of his own world already knew about, and were well known in, this Nexus City. He absorbed the information readily.
That was all two weeks ago. Since then, Bilbringhi had become amused that the portal he had opened remained in place. Now there was a door conveniently leading into a MoorCow pasture, in a small Mesmer village. The Mesmer inhabit a region on the southeastern border of the empire of Heinlein the Black, just north of the Parchland Wastes. Bilbringhi had taken advantage of the doors in the Red Tunnel in order to travel all across Heinlein's empire. He was enjoying it immensely.
Bilbringhi also had dueled another inhabitent, Norman. He had been defeated, but was confident that he could win the next time they encountered one another. He enjoyed arena combat, as it allowed him to test his skills, and refine them. Yes, Bilbringhi decided as he walked down the passageways of Nexus City, he would like this strange world he had stumbled upon. He would make a name for himself here...

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