The Web: The Sports Car

by Mitchell Harding
written on 4/12/00

You trot over to the sports car and hop in the passenger seat. The driver is a beautiful woman. She starts driving as you buckle your seatbelt. You introduce yourself and she tells you her name. Within minutes you are caught up in conversation, unaware of the rapidly passing miles.

Eventually you stop for gas. After she's filled the tank, the two of you rob a liquor store. With adrenaline still pumping through your veins, you hit the highway once again.

You end up stopping after several hours. You are far from home, but you feel like this is where you belong. The two of you stay the night in a hotel, sharing a night of passion. The next day you get an apartment together. She finds a job as an elementary school teacher. You get work in a small computer company.

The years pass. The two of you are married. You have a child. It's a boy. Do you:

Name him Billy?
Name him Brad?
Name him Sue?

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