Gods and Children

by Mitchell Harding

written 7/2/99

A comparison is often made between gods and children. Both love to create, act in incomprehensible ways, think the world exists solely to serve them, and hate to take baths. Well, maybe not that last one, but the similarities are very telling. Why do gods and children have so much in common, and would a child with no limits on its power be indistinguishable fro a god? Sure, the world isn't made of chocolate, so we can say for sure that God isn't merely an omnipotent kid, but then again, maybe He's just allergic.

Perhaps any being with ultimate power would act like a child. Is anyone so disciplined that they could avoid corruption when their power had become so great? And if not, why don't we create gods that do behave maturely, so they can set an example that we can actually look up to?

Maybe this is why I'm not religious. Then again, maybe this is why I should be.

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