My Plan

by Mitchell Harding

written 10/13/98

I want to create a master race of cyborgs who, despite being a master race, would be my unquestioning servitors. It is in this way that I hope to someday conquer first the world and then the rest of the universe. As far as I can tell my plan is flawless, for who could oppose a master race of cyborgs? I'd probably have my cyborgs wear something -- a T-shirt perhaps -- which would clearly identify them as members of the master race. Hopefully this will serve to reduce the resistance they will encounter, but even if it doesn't, they are members of the master race, so resistance really would be useless. I also might paint them hot pink because I find the idea of hot pink cyborgs conquering the world to be quite amusing. That's why I'd make a good overlord of the universe - I'd never lose my sense of the absurd.

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