Matt is my brother. (Pic)
Phil Ackley
Phil is from Alaska. (Pic)
Rita Johnson
Rita used to live in Pittsburgh. (Pic)
Joel Thomas
Joel is inscrutable. (Pic)
Judy Nguyen
Judy wrote a paper on Death Of A Salesman.
Katie Eschbacher
Katie may or may not smell like lemons, but she probably doesn't. (Pic)
Julie is Canadian, more or less. (Pic)
Laura Koehn
Laura has an MIS degree. (Pic)
Clare Nolan
Clare is an Australian who lives in a one horse town. (Pic)
Rusty Brooks
Rusty knows about photography. (Pic)
Spike Blake
Spike's "real" name is Dorothy. (Pic)
Tom Warmbrodt
Tom used to be a whirling dervish. (Pic)
Sarah Kraul
Sarah wants to marry Val Kilmer. (Pic)
Andrea Golden
Andrea can drool on command. (Pic)
Rose Hoberman
Rose is able to play the cello.
Joseph Bailey
Joe is very, very tall.
Kim Scarborough
Kim has worked for the U.S. Census Bureau.
Dan Burton
Dan buys expensive stereo equipment. (Pic)
Joe Schaffer
Joe has rabies. (Pic)
Cecillee Kempton
Cecillee has a cat named Retarded Bob. (Pic)
Veronica Bond
Veronica would kill for David Duchovny. (Pic)
Trygve Ristroph
Trygve used to live in Tomball, Texas.
Stacie Herrington
Stacie loves Mexico.
Phil Joffrain
Phil does not especially like the game Diplomacy.
Edward Boyden
Edward is probably the smartest person I know.
Worthwhile Strangers
Discover that not all strangers are scary and bad.

MIA Friends

These people used to have home pages, but the links have died. If you know the link to their current web page, let me know.

Thierry Joffrain
Thierry is both French and Scottish.
Tammy Walker
Tammy is an artist. (Pic)
Lisa Roschmann
Lisa is in a band called The American Analog Set. (Pic)
Jim Priz
Jim can drive very quickly to the airport. (Pic)
Johnny Lee
Johnny's middle name is Keith. (Pic)
Mike Howe
Mike knows a lot about zoology.
Sylvia Tschernyavsky
Sylvia didn't like me when we met.
Andy Ward
Andy is also known as Andy Non-Seven.

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