The Web: Run Away!

by Mitchell Harding
written on 4/12/00

You turn and run from the three women. You've made it about fifty feet when you hear an ominous sound from above you -- the sound of three pairs of enormous wings, slowly flapping. You look up in disbelief to see that three vaguely avian creatures are flying above you. You know that these are the three women, but they bear absolutely no resemblance. The beasts are batlike, covered with green, leathery skin. Their sharp talons send fear coursing through your veins. Before the fear has a chance to course very far through your veins, however, the creatures have made short work of you. As your entrails lay on the hot pavement, your last thought is that had you lived, no other student could have topped your "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" essay.

*** You Have Died ***

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