The Web: Represent

by Mitchell Harding

written on 4/11/00

Katie Eschbacher: If you were to be represented by a Star Wars Lego figure, which one would you be?

I have two answers:

Hoth Trooper
Picture of a Lego Hoth Trooper This underappreciated fellow has been passed over for a promotion countless times. He makes the best of his undemanding job, on the cold, cold planet of Hoth. One can almost make out a tear in his eye, despite the outward smile. Inside he is dreaming of an exciting career on some far-off tropical world, a world that has no part in the galactic war. He writes poetry at night, and the other troopers think he's an odd duck, although none of them have any idea what a duck is. Why would I be represented by this fellow? More out of pity for him, than for any other reason. I don't particularly identify with him, but if I don't choose him to represent me, then who else will choose him?

Naboo Guard
Ok, first things first. This guy has a bad-ass ride. The centrally mounted cannon (which does appear to be in danger of blowing his cap off) and the slick green paint job combine to ensure that the pilot of this vehicle commands attention. But that's only the beginning of why I like this guy. Check out the jaunty angle at which he wears his cap. This guy doesn't follow fashion -- he leads it. And although it's not obvious, his vest matches his upholstery -- nice attention to detail. He doesn't miss a thing. But this cool veneer conceals a darker side. Look into his eyes, note the glazed look. Direct your attention to the fixed smile and the fact that he isn't watching where he is flying. This guy is drunk -- blitzed out of his tiny, Lego mind. But why? Why would a guy be taking such a stupid risk (NEVER pilot a speeder drunk, kids), when he has everything going for him? I can't answer that question. It's a mystery. And it is that mystery which draws me to him. That is why he is the other Star Wars Lego figure that I have chosen to represent me.

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