The Web: Alone

by Mitchell Harding

written on 4/11/00

It isn't everyone who could survive deep in the Canadian wilderness alone for seven years. To look at her, you might not have guessed that Heather could do it. Her exterior didn't make you think of a rugged mountaineer, or of a die-hard survivalist. Truth be told, she was neither of those things. Nobody is quite sure how she pulled it off, but the fact remains that she walked out of those mountains, alive and well, seven years to the day after she walked in.

That isn't the only strange aspect of her tale. But it IS the only aspect of her tale that I am able to relate. I made the mistake of wandering into those dangerous woods. I was at my wits end, starving and hunted by some unseen beast. She rescued me, but in so doing revealed to me the secret of her survival.

She could have erased my memory of the experience (yes, that is among her abilities), but instead she took me into her confidence. I'd like to think this is because of some virtue on my part, but I don't know that for sure. She is inscrutable, and I am sure of nothing when dealing with her. Perhaps it is this engimatic nature that has kept her an object of the media's fascination for years.

This fourth paragraph is included for reasons that I hope you'll find both enigmatic and inscrutable, causing you to return to this page again and again.

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