Pool Hall Observations

by Mitchell Harding

written 7/2/99

Some guy in a muscle shirt just pretended to be Jesus. What a weirdo.

These people don't know it, but they aren't people at all. They are just here to inspire me to write. And they're doing a piss poor job of it. Don't blame me if you dislike this essay -- next time you're in public, act more amusing.

Having a superpower might improve my life somewhat. I'm sitting here in a pool hall, and it just occurred to me that if, when a cue ball was knocked off a table, I could destroy it with the power of my mind before it hit the ground, then I'd enjoy life much more. And I'm sure it would impress women (as well as 12 year old boys). And now I'm worried that my last parenthetical remark will make me seem like a pedophile, when in fact I just wrote it to be funny. Sheesh.

Cue ball on the floor. Wasn't able to destroy it with the power of my mind. Nobody is impressed -- still I languish in obscurity. My day will come.

I just titled this spiel, as though the title is at all important. But I suppose it gives me the excuse to write this paragraph, which is as good a way to end this "essay" as any.

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